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SharePoint Profile Data Export Import is a simple command line utility to export the data associated with profiles in SharePoint.


During a farm upgrade I needed a way to bring across all the profiles from the old SSP to the new SSP. Some of the data in the profiles was original content and was not in any of the profile source systems e.g. Skills etc. As I didn't want the users to have to re-enter all their information, this tool was born.

But why write something?

During my research I could not find anything that got the job done. I found ways to import/export the properties and a project to import profile data based on an XML file mapping, but didn't seem to fulfill the export option it promised. There was nothing that would let me do a simple export then import. So now there is.


To export all the profiles use {{spprofiledump.exe --url http://example.sharepoint.com --file dump.xml --export}}. This will create an XML file with all the profiles contained in the SSP. To import data into an SSP use {{spprofiledump.exe --url http://example.sharepoint.com --file dump.xml --import}}.

The XML File

The file is reasonably straight forward. A sample entry is probably the simplest way to explain it:

  <User AccountName="DOMAIN\USER">
    <Property Name="Title" Type="string">Mr</Property>
    <Property Name="FirstName" Type="string">Geoff</Property>
    <Property Name="LastName" Type="string">Ford</Property>
    <Property Name="SPS-HireDate" Type="date">10/06/2003 12:00:00 AM</Property>
    <Property Name="SPS-Skills" Type="List">
        <Entry>SharePoint Development</Entry>

As you can see, dates and multi-valued properties are handled correctly.

Get It

You can get the source, and a pre-compiled binary at the SPProfileDump homepage. Please put all feedback, questions, issues etc. over there.

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